Date Comment Buyer's ID
1/30/2016 "Beautiful drawing!!! Very pleased!!!  Seller deserves A+++ Thanks again!!!" fastchevycars
1/28/2016 "Great picture, it will (look) great in my collection" rangerjerry2013
12/19/2015 "Great artistry.  Fast shipping and packed well.  Thank you." rro1940
11/20/2015 "Beautiful drawing, great artist" pinkyandthebrainrobert
11/13/2015 "Great print, I will buy more" 3187dave
3/22/2015 "Nice print, fast shipping AAA+++" classic-sales-inc
2/19/2015 "Truly beautiful.  Nice safety shipped. Thank you!!!" apoo3977
1/9/2015 "Great drawing , very good quality.  Delivered quickly and great to work with." czsl7y
12/21/14 "Great print.  Thanks!" jrmaurais
12/6/2014 "Perfect print, nice package protection" kikubly
12/4/2014 "Great art and fast shipping.  Thanks" adraughn
10/29/2014 "Beautiful! The detail is amazing - Highest recommendations for artist" rothney
9/28/2014 "Great drawing.  Quick shipping A+++" sonicblue871x
9/15/2014 "Quality print, extremely well packaged" scatpack440
9/2/2014 "Very nice, already took it to be framed" jmul1939
8/7/2014 "Beautiful drawing!  Thank you so much!" keithamand
7/17/2014 "Just a womderful print! Rec'd extremely timely & well packed. Great seller!" dlgiddens
6/30/2014 "Perfect, incredible art, AAA+++" wnd_stone
4/8/2014 "Good packaging, very nice detail, I own this same car.... good job!" 91caprice2012
3/15/2014 "Exceptional drawing.  Details are perfect.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!" 34650cps

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